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Welcome to episode nine of the Creators Class podcast! The podcast that takes you into the lives of the most amazing creators in the world today, uncovering their new monetization strategies and learning more about how they’re carrying the creative flame.

In this episode, Nick Cicero and Nick Robinson interview Matt Capala, blogger, author, entrepreneur, and SEO expert.

Interview with Matt Capala

Matt came to New York City after college, and he found it hard to gain employment due to being from Poland (and it was during the financial crisis). But he didn’t give up and go home. No, he read up on internet marketing and SEO, and that is where his career started. Ever since then, he’s been writing books, speaking, and consulting with the biggest brands in the world about SEO.

We then go into a discussion about the changing tides in SEO execution. Before, you could just publish a blog post, and the search gods would automatically serve up your content. Today, you have to be active in multiple channels, so rather than bake a cake, start a bakery (as Matt says).

What Matt means by starting a bakery is that you need to turn your blog post into multiple formats, including images, Slideshares, podcasts, videos, etc. Not only will you please the search gods, you will serve up content where people are surfing on the internet.

If you’re a creator in a competitive industry, not all is lost! Matt provides tips to cut through the clutter and get found in search engines. Listen to the show to get his tips.

To cap off the conversation, Matt gives out his best advice to aspiring creators.

You can follow Matt Capala on Twitter and visit his personal website

GOAT of the Week

This week we talk about Wait for It. Basically it’s a phrase that has been picked up to describe the suspense before something funny/scary/gross happens. The phrase is rumored to have started in the film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Others credit the phrase to Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) from How I Met Your Mother.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) Poster

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