Alex Richter (decalex) – Snapchat Artist

Welcome to episode seven of the Creators Class podcast! The podcast that takes you into the lives of the most amazing creators in the world today, uncovering their new monetization strategies and learning more about how they’re carrying the creative flame.

In this episode, Nick Cicero and Nick Robinson interview Alex Richter, aka decalex on Snapchat.

Interview with Alex Richter

Alex Richter started off his career in graphic design for a start-up that grew into a large company. In the process, he started experimenting with calligraphy. One day a friend was so impressed that they urged him to start posting his work online, and the rest is history.

He describes his work on Snapchat as sarcastic and humorous. If someone else finds it funny and interesting, then Alex has fulfilled his duties to the Snapchat community. We then shift the conversation to the community aspect of Snapchat. Many creators collaborate around major events, holidays, and themes that their audiences are interested in. These collaborations have been so successful for Alex, that he is now doing 4 or 5 at a time. Ultimately, this allows both creators to expand their reach to new audiences.

You can follow Alex on Snapchat at decalex, Twitter, and his Tumblr feed.

GOAT of the Week

This week we talk about #ThanksObama. Which is a meme that started when the Obama opposition created videos, GIFs, and Twitter photos to communicate their displeasure with the administration. In 2015, Obama partnered with Buzzfeed to poke a little fun at the haters.

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